This page tells the story of how we became "The Martin's"
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The Martin
Family History
Jacob Chisolm was a slave. He was owned by the Pinckney Family of Okatie, South Carolina. He drove coaches and did handy work around the house. When he was given his freedom, he was also given a horse and forty acres of land.
Jacob married Lydia and to this union six children were born. All of the children died at birth with the exception of one. This child was named Katie. She was born in 1837. Jacob and Lydia lived to see their daughter married and have children. Jacob died in 1880. Lydia died in 1883.
Katie married Amos Johnson who was a run away slave. He came from Bullock County, North Carolina. They married at Garriett Point, South Carolina, in 1862. To this union seven children were born; Lydia 1863, Mary Jane 1865, Jacob 1868, Lula 1874, Phillis 1878, Amos 1884, and Ned 1886. Katie died in childbirth in 1888. She was fifty-one years old when she died. Amos did not know his age. He died in 1890.
Lydia married Gilbert Alston. To this union four children were born; Nellie 1888, Fannie 1890, John 1897, and Abraham 1899. Lydia died in 1940.
Nellie had one child. Nellie died in 1959.  Fannie married Sammie Foultin. They did not have any children. Fannie died in 1955. John married Lillie Mae Williams. They did not have any children. John died in 1960. Abraham married Sadie Smalls. To this union one child was born, Abraham Jr. Abraham died in 1984.
Mary Jane married John Henry Martin. They were married in 1892 to this union six children were born; Katie in 1894, John Jr. 1896, Margaret 1900, Freddie 1903, Phillip 1905, Benjamin 1908. Mary Jane died in 1973. She was 108 years old when she died.
Katie was married to Sammie Polite. They did not have any children. Katie died in 1933.
John Jr. married Rena Althia Johnson. To this union eleven children were born; John 1919, Phillip 1920, Mary 1921, Margaret 1923, Pearl 1925, James 1926, Jacob 1928, Irabelle 1930, Daniel 1932, Mildred 1933, and Vivian 1935. Rena died in 1967. John, Jr., died in 2001.
Margaret married Henry James. They did not have any children. Margaret died in 1965.
Freddie did not get married. He did not have any children.
Phillip married Blanche Jones. They did not have any children. He died in 1948.
Benjamin married Aleva Grant. To this union one child was born; Margaret who was born in 1933. Benjamin died in 1984.
Jacob married Mary Fuller. To this union three children were born; Benjamin 1906, Prince 1911, and Agnes 1912. Jacob died in 1951.
Benjamin married Emma. To this union one child was born, Abraham. Benjamin died in 1987.
Prince married Dorothy. To this union five children were born; Benjamin, Thomas, Prince, Amos and Mary.
Agnes married Ray Hooks. To this union three children were born; Peter, Benjamin, and JoAnn.
Lula and Phillis did not have any children.
Amos married Jannie Simmons on October 21, 1909. To this union ten children were born; Paul, Jannie Lee, Otis, Corrie Mae, Elease, Annette, Stanley, Estella, Bernice, and Floria Ann. Amos died in 1939. Jannie died in 1963. Three of these children died: Corrie Mae, September 1, 1942; Elease, December 12, 1942; and Otis, October 30, 1944. Jannie Lee, Corrie Mae and Elease had no children.
Paul had one son. His name was Marvin.
Otis had two sons. Otis, Jr., and Paul.
Annette married Abraham Johnson. To this union five children were born; Paul, Delores, Abraham, Jr., Ronald and Linda.
Stanley married Elizabeth. To this union three children were born; Stanley, Jr., Willie and Lemont.
Estella married Elmer Barnes. To this union four children were born; Elmer, Jr., Audrey, Sandra and Eric.
Bernice has two children; Elex and Deborah.
Floria has one child, Robert.
Ned married Queenie Smalls. To this union eight children were born; Freddie, Liza, Edward, Gilbert, Bertha, Clifford, Mary and Amos. Ned died January 7, 1965.
Freddie has one child, Barbara.
Liza has seven children; Catherene, Roselee, Jessie, Jr., David, Wesley, Francis and Ned.
Edward had one child, Maggie Mae. Edward died April 1, 1988.
Gilbert does not have any children.
Clifford has two children; Dorothy and Emma. Mary had two children; Benjamin and Mary.
Amos has two children; Freddie and Barbara.
To the union of John and Rena Martin, were born eleven (11) children and numerous grandchildren who are doctors, lawyers, judges, educators, principals, scientists, builders, real estate developers, law enforcement officers, health care professionals, ministers, professional boxers, movie stars, recording artists, politicians, casino workers and security guards who have contributed greatly to our society. History will record that America, South Carolina, and in particularly, Beaufort County were blessed to have had John and Rena Martin pass this way.
John Martin          Rena Johnson Martin
1896-2001           1902-1967